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I love connecting people and ideas. I began my career as a teacher, and, after six years, left teaching to join a not-for-profit, financial cooperative as a financial educator. When I facilitate, I create structures in which people discover new ideas and are guided to new insights. As a financial educator, my understanding of the business grew, and I began managing people in the organization, taking on new facets such as marketing, business development, operational training, and organizational strategy. I planned annual budgets and discussed key performance indicators. I coordinated the refresh of our brand strategy to drive growth. I built our business intelligence strategy. Whenever there was something new to learn and coordinate, I dove in.


I still love learning and connecting people and ideas. I also realized that people are looking for trusted advice online for everything from parenting to buying a car. A strong business brand provides this advice when it fits their brand. However, creating this trusted content takes many hours and an excellent writer on staff. Most organizations do not have the resource to hire this person full time. Since I love learning and writing, I began this blog as a way to develop sample content. If an organization wants to use my content to increase the number of people that make it to view their brand on their website, I can develop that content for them much more efficiently than hiring a full-time employee.


I also provide navigation with structured, facilitated discussions to guide in the discovery of the organization’s strengths and direction. Many organizations feel that the strategy is too vague, or perhaps that they are lacking strategy as a whole. Maybe the organization has matured and is ready to be pushed to the next level. This is the type of organization that can benefit from an organized, structured approach to their strategy sessions from an unbiased third party that ends in a concrete plan moving forward. I can help.